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Weekly Work from Home Job Leads

Updated July 27th 2023

Customer Service Representative Lead (Plan Advisor Lead) – National Remote @ UnitedHealth Group

Bookkeeper @ Rea & Associates

Online Freelance Review Writer (Remote / Easy / No Experience) @ Write App Reviews

Customer Service Representative, DTC @ Grundéns

Remote Data Entry Work Part-Time @ Viva Consulting Group LLC

Updated July 26th 2023

WordPress UX/UI Designer @ Upwork

Administrative Coordinator (Remote, Full-time @ 30 Hrs) @ artEquity

FT Data Entry Associate (Work From Home) @ Examworks

Online Data Entry Assistant – Remote jobs @ Workoo Technologies

Customer Service Rep | Cryo-Lease (Remote) @ Chart Industries

Customer Support @ SmartDreamers

Customer Service – Gov’t Public Trust Clearance – Remote USA @ ttec (This role is limited to residents of certain locations in the United States only.  This position is open to residents of AL, AR, AZ, CO, DE, FL, GA, ID, IN, KS, KY, LA, MO, MS, MT, NE, NM, OR, NC, NV, OH, OK, PA,SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WI, WV, WY.  Applications for this role will not be accepted from residents of AK, CA, CT, HI, IL, IA, MA, MD ME, MI, MN, NH, NJ, NY, ND, RI, or WA or outside of the United States)

Customer Experience Agent @ hims & hers 

Customer Service Rep 3 @ Savista Careers

Call Center Phone Interviewer @ InMoment

Updated July 25th 2023

Virtual Assistant for Financial Planner @ Paragon Planners (Actively recruiting in the following states: AZ, CA, CO, FL, ID, KY, MI, MN, MO, NC, OH, OR, SC, TX, UT & WI)

Customer Service Representative @ SERVICE 800 (Accepting applications from the following states:  FLORIDA, GEORGIA, IOWA, MINNESOTA, NORTH DAKOTA, SOUTH DAKOTA, TEXAS, & WISCONSIN)

Virtual Customer Care Advisor, Virtual Customer Care @ Amazon Pharmacy

Client Support Representative (REMOTE OPPORTUNITY) @ DISA

Customer Service Person @ SpeakEasy

Customer Success Specialist @ Embrace

Customer Success Representative @ API Nation

Online Data Entry Jobs for Work from Home Beginners @ DataentryJob.Careers

QA Engineer (Remote) @ Tickr

Virtual Sales Representative ( Hybrid / Remote ) @ The Moore Organization

Seasonal Home Based Senior Specialist Guest Retail @ Target

Online Data Entry Assistant – Remote jobs @ Workoo Technologies

Updated July 24th 2023

Statistics Tutor @ Homework Helper App

Account Manager – Full Work From Home @ CVS

Social media manager and writer for new online store @ Upwork

Entry-Level Data Entry Specialist (Typist) – Remote | WFH @ Get.It Recruit – Administrative

Principal Product Manager (Remote) @ Veritas Technologies LLC

FT Evening Customer Care Associate (Work From Home) @ Health Advocate

Director Customer Success Insights (Remote) @ NielsenIQ

Full time / Marketing Assistant (Remote) @ Stratgyx

Customer Tech Support Analyst (REMOTE) @ Benchmark Education Company

Customer Service – Shipment & Delivery Specialist – Fully Remote @ Qonten

Data Entry Assistant / Entry Level (Remote) @ Seekmate

Administrative Assistant *REMOTE @ Aston Carter

Senior Business Travel Consultant – Remote @ Navan

Senior Audit Analyst (Work From Home Flexible) @ CVS Health

Utilization Behavioral Health Professional – Remote | WFH @

Data Analyst @ Brown & Brown Insurance

Companies Hiring Virtual Assistants

Zirtual – Virtual Executive Assistant (Remote)

VaVa Virtual Assistants – Virtual Executive Assistant (Contract/Remote) – Virtual Receptionist (Remote)

BELAY – Virtual Executive Assistant (Contract)

Time etc – Virtual Assistance (Work from Home)

Work from Home Statement

We’re passionate advocates for the life changing potential of legitimate work from home job opportunities.

Regardless of where you’re starting from we’re here to back you up. Maybe you’re fresh from academia, poised to make a professional comeback, or you’re on the edge of a career shift.

Our commitment is to support you in landing a part time or full time home-based job that fits your lifestyle and aspirations.

Work from Home Resources

We’ve pulled together resources to make your shift to a home-based job as smooth as possible. Our guides will arm you with everything you need to succeed, from setting up a productive workspace at home to mastering essential digital tools. Meanwhile, our articles, rich with practical tips and insights, are designed to help you understand the finer points of legitimate work from home opportunities, boosting your chances to earn money successfully.

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Continuous Learning for Remote Careers

Stay competitive in the remote job market with resources for continuous learning and skill development. We’ll share free and affordable online courses, tutorials, and more.

If you’re looking to build your skills or find affordable tools for remote work, our resources page can help. We’ve compiled a range of useful links, from free online courses to software recommendations.

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Work from Home Blog

These blog posts offer firsthand insights and advice on a diverse range of topics related to working from home. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been working from home for years, there’s always something new to learn from others’ experiences.

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Avoiding Work from Home Scams

Stay vigilant to avoid scams when seeking remote opportunities. Prioritize research and get to know the employer. Utilize online sources like LinkedIn to investigate and verify contact information.

Legitimate job openings typically involve an application and interview process. Employers genuinely interested in hiring will want to meet or speak with applicants. Remember, you shouldn’t have to pay any upfront fees or make significant cash outlays for work-from-home opportunities. If a supposed opportunity requires such expenses or purchases, it’s likely a scam.

Remember, the journey to successful remote work is a learning process. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have all the skills or knowledge right away. With time, patience, and the right resources, you can develop the skills you need to thrive in your work-from-home career.

Work from Home FAQ:

1. I’m ready to work from home. What’s in my survival kit?

Think of your computer or laptop as your trusty partner, and a stable internet connection as your lifeline. Your workspace? That’s your personal HQ. For some, a headset, specific software, a printer, and office supplies might also be part of the inventory.

2. How do I boss my day when I’m the boss of my day?

It’s all about mastering your personal time zone. Set a schedule and stick to it, take regular breaks like they’re mandatory pit stops, create a workspace that’s more office, less home, and keep distractions at arm’s length.

3. How do I clock out when there’s no clock to walk out from?

Set boundaries like you’re drawing a map of your day. Work hours here, personal time there. Your bedroom or living spaces? That’s no-work territory. Clear communication with your team about your availability also sets the right expectations.

4. How do I keep the team spirit alive from a distance?

Tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom are your virtual water cooler. Regular meetings, check-ins, and virtual team-building activities help maintain the camaraderie.

5. My tech’s gone rogue. What do I do?

Your first port of call is your company’s IT department. If that’s not an option, online resources or tech-savvy allies can come to your rescue. Regular updates and back-ups are your defense against future tech tantrums.

6. How do I stay healthy when my home is my office?

Balance work with regular breaks, hydration, nutritious food, and a dose of physical activity. It’s tempting to become a workaholic, but remember, your well-being is important too.

7. Are there tax traps I should be aware of when working from home?

This depends on your location and job specifics. Sometimes, you might be able to claim a tax deduction for home office expenses. When in doubt, seek advice from a tax guru.

8. Do I need a separate phone line for work?

This depends on your role. If your job involves a lot of calls, a separate line or a virtual number could be a smart move.

9. How do I transform my working environment into a comfort zone?

Invest in a chair that’s as comfortable as your favorite armchair, a desk at the right height, and position your screen at eye level. Consider a keyboard and mouse that feel right under your fingers. A standing desk or an adjustable desk can also make a difference.

10. Can I be a work-from-home warrior and a superhero parent?

Absolutely, but it’s a bit of a juggling act. You might need to tweak your schedule, set up a quiet workspace, and establish boundaries with your little ones. Having a stash of activities to keep them busy can also be a game-changer.

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